Suzann Valski

Best chick in the whole fucking world. Beast, Autumn


Hi everyone I’m Suzann, I like long walks on the beach and enjoy unwholesome amounts of alcohol (for future reference I am NOT a cheap date). I am in charge of keeping all these lovely changelings under control, and making sure we know who is where in the whole confusing court thing. I am a computer wiz (which makes me wonder who decided I should do data entry) and I may have hacked a few banks in my day‚Ķ I’m an Autumn court (because we have the fancy artifacts. Thats right you heard us Summer court!) and I am a beast kith. I appear as a mouse, and my bitch of an ex-mistress was some sort of cat thing. With some hope she will be dead and out of my life soon. If you want to know more, ask. Seriously. No one talks to me. Apparently no one likes me either because I’m in this dungeon of a basement typing in everyone else’s sorry information.


Suzann Valski

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