Maximus Gent (Big stuff)

An ogre of the orburate skin Summer court


Maximus has been known to fight his whole life to get what he wants, and he is not about to stop now. He demands that the true fey must pay for what they have done to the changelings. In his old life of slavery, he was to turn a massive stone mill by himself, making him big and strong. But he was also a very beautiful man, now his face has been slashed and burned by his cruel master, making him a mere resemblance to his old self. He escaped the hedge through blood and fists. By tearing his way through his mistresses guards and into our world. He has much rage, but also much sadness. He has lost his entire life and he wants to get vengeance. His mistress was apparently the goddess Aphrodite, or so Max claims. But a goddess of love would never do the things that happened to this man. Best leave him alone if he gets in a mood. He is known to rage very often, and things get broken.


Maximus Gent (Big stuff)

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